Observe your eating and drinking habits!

Observe your eating and drinking habits!

Take some time and observe exactly your eating and drinking habits. The consume of fruits, vegetables, sweets, sugar, alcohol, coffee etc.. I know it´s sometimes not easy to be really honest about some addictions but these areas can make a fast improvement in your healthy life.

  • IMG_9327Try to eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day (one portion is a handful) – if you are busy take a fresh juice or smoothie instead! But watch out: There are many smoothies on the market with additional sugar in it! This could be a huge trap!
  • How much do you consume alcohol? Please be honest to yourself! If you drink every day a glass of wine or something similar you have already acquired a drinking
    problem and sometimes awareness is enough in doing the next step: reduce it! It´s not necessary to avoid alcohol completely but try to drink it for example only two or three DSC_3010times a week! This will have a great effect for
    your healthy status and will maybe reduce your weight! You only need two weeks and afterwards you don´t need this stuff on a
    regularly basis and I´m sure you will see a positive result also with your sleeping habits.
  • Sugar is all around and it´s easy to be seduced through merchandising – I´m also addicted to chocolate and other goodies! The reality is that consuming too much sugar will have a detrimental effect on your health: Sugar provides the body with empty calories that give us energy without any nutrients. As a result, we eat more without feeling full or satisfied.

IMG_7110The key thing to remember is that overall, eating healthily is all about balance and not losing enjoyment.IMG_7571