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IMG_3247_1024Health is the future of everything – „Together for a healthy life!“
take care for life is an innovative digital health company



take care for life´s vision is to become the leader in the emerging international health engagement market with interactive digital solutions combined with loyalty programs for large corporate companies.
Evidence-based behavioral platforms and health service programs will help consumers and companies implementing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and taking responsibility for a healthier common world.
Together for a healthier life!



The change in health awareness is a social task. We can only make prevention part of our everyday lives, if we can implement lasting changes that will help us to stay active and healthy for longer. Knowledge and change in behavior will help us to live longer!

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We need to shift the emphasis from awareness to healthy action. Most people know what is involved in a healthy lifestyle but they don’t act upon it. Motivating people to take action is the single biggest task for the future.

14372_089Cornelia Beier – Founder and Managing Director take care for life

The take care for life platform was a personal dream over several years and the implementation is like coming a dream come true. My personal vision is to build up one of the biggest health movements with strong partners in the entire world!

As a founder of one of the leading healthcare PR agencies in Germany (Kohtes Klewes Healthcare – today Ketchum PLEON) I have a wide range of experiences in healthcare marketing, corporate communications, strategic management, human resources and quality management.

Timageshe boom in digital connectivity will bring gains in productivity, health, education, quality of life and myriad other avenues in the physical world. Larger markets and better metrics can help create healthier and more productive econoimages-2mies.

Contact us – we are going to launch our business concept in 2017 in several countries in Europe!

take care for life


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